Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post #4: Writer's Choice!

Lots of options this time! For Monday, April 12th, respond to one or more of these topics on your blog. Be ready to share your responses in class on Monday.

1) Read the sample of Black Arts poems in your packet ("Nikki Rosa," "Revolution," "Jazzy Vanity," "Neon Diaspora," "poem at thirty" and "Black Art") Choose one and describe your response. Do you think it's a work of political art? If so, is it effective? How does it relate to the kind of art Larry Neal calls for in his manifesto?

2) On p. 123 of his essay, Stokely Carmichael refers to the difference between individual and institutionalized racism. What is this distinction and why is it important? Which do you think is a bigger problem today?
3) Do you agree with Larry Neal that our ethics and aesthetics should be connected? What do you think makes art ethical (if anything)? What do you think are examples of ethical and non-ethical art?
4) Describe your response to the Read-a-Thon or to Kathrine Cleaver's talk if you were able to attend.

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